"Got Purpose?!"

Are you showing signs of Depression?

 I know….Sometimes it just seems like you could break at any moment. You’ve tried the Psychiatrist, avoided the Psychiatrist, talked to your Pastor, your group leader, or, maybe you don’t think anyone could understand. Maybe, you’re just choosing to deal with it your self because you feel that it’s the devil just attacking you and you refuse to be, “DEFEATED”! Whatever or However you look at this situation, you are feeling depressed and it won’t go away.

Do you know what’s interesting? Jesus was depressed as he crossed that border to his destiny. I’ll quote from my latest book, Pregnant in the Spirit, “One of the most challenging periods in the pregnancy of Jesus, just as yours will be, is the period of delivery. It gets tougher the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy. Praise God! Through the experience of Jesus, you can feel confident that you’re not alone, even when you are faced with feelings of depression and fear as you near the end of your delivery period, just to name a few front-line attacks from the enemy (Matthew 26:37-39).” Jesus experienced that as well, just for you!

Another period you experience this feeling of depression is in the 1st Period when God is pruning you. Guess what else? Some things are just a part of the process and if you knew that before now, you would have probably not felt so bad up to now. Can you say, “Knowing is definitely half the battle?”

A woman for example, when going through her pregnancy, regardless of how sick she may get, she doesn’t lose her cool because she knows that a lot of what she experiences is just “a part of the process”. God has given us now a spiritual tool to reference for the processes of Transition and Turmoil in your life. It’s important to know the derivative of your circumstance so that you can keep your sanity.

The majority of you are depressed because you simply, JUST DON’T KNOW what is next. You simply can’t take ONE MORE THING to happen in your life. YOU can’t take one more lost love, job, house, car…. What is going on, for real….What is going on? 9 times out of 10, your turmoil is transition and you just need to have a better understanding of the process. Hey, it’s not all peaches and cream climbing to the top! You WILL without a doubt, LOSE something that your flesh didn’t want to lose, or experience something that your flesh didn’t want to experience, but it’s all good! You’re just Pregnant in the Spirit! 

It’s definitely an intangible process that is pretty scary to say the least. Only God knows what is next. Only God knows if you should ride the tide or fight the tide.

Typically, people are depressed as a result of loss, the unknown, life’s circumstances or obstacles. Maybe if what you’re experiencing is normal for where you are in Spiritual Pregnancy. This knowing may be the solution to your feeling of depression. It would give you some hope, something to look forward to. It would get your mind off of the circumstances and have you focus on the light that’s at the end of the tunnel for you. Maybe the “devil” that you’re binding is not the opposition, but its God working behind the scenes, tearing down the obstacles that would hurt your elevation. The problem is, you don’t see it as a hindrance, but God does, because God knows all. Just like us parents that keep our little ones from the danger they are too young to see, so does God for us.

It’s ok. But you need to gain understanding of the process. So, I encourage you to get the book, “Pregnant in the Spirit” Today. Order your copy. “Pregnant in the Spirit” defines the road to TOTAL fulfillment from Conception to Manifestation, giving answers to this intangible process. It’s paralleled to natural pregnancy in a very profound and practical way. With this wisdom, you will become 100% confident of your direction and its outcome. You will come out of depression and attain the seemingly impossible for your life: eternal freedom, peace, joy, happiness, love, a deeper-more personal relationship with God, direction and understanding, spiritual freedom, and TOTAL fulfillment minus the traditional processes of man and religion.

For the lack of wisdom and knowledge of this intangible process, people generally experience a spiritual abortion (killing, avoiding, or never pursuing their True Purpose-a life of TOTAL fulfillment). Or, many experience a spiritual premature birth which ultimately results in discouragement – doubt and unbelief in what they so passionately once strongly believed.

Don’t let this be you! You can come out of this phase and get to where you were destined to be in life!

I would love to hear from you: so that with the wisdom and knowledge that God has given me, I can help you through this. I could personally and confidentially help you understand where you are in this process of spiritual pregnancy. Visit me on-line at or email me directly at

I love you all and I look forward to being of help to whoever needs it. It’s ok, I’ve been there and I’ve definitely done that. So, nothing comes to my surprise and you can talk to me about anything. Talk with you soon.

Pregnant in the Spirit is on back-order and available Nationwide on-line for order at,,, Barnes and Nobles, Baker and Taylors, STL Distribution, New Life Distribution, etc.


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