"Got Purpose?!"

I’m not sure if you’re ready, but here I come!

I am the inspired Author of the new book entitled Pregnant in the Spirit – How to birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment – your True Purpose (First Edition)!  The only book in the world that thoroughly defines the intangible journey that we all must travel to the life we are all seeking – a life of TOTAL Fulfillment.  Where you live your wildest dreams, your true purpose.   From Conception to Manifestation this process described as spiritual pregnancy is paralleled to natural pregnancy.  It gives thorough insite of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey – good and bad.  Whether  you are in turmoil or transition, gain understanding of where you are in this process and with confidence and peace, without the traditional processes of man or religion, birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment!

Pregnant in the Spirit is a must have for men and women all over the world!  Say this with me, “Knowing is definitely half the battle!”  Visit me on-line at and tune into my live radio talk show on

Your life has only just begun!  Just read and apply what I submit to you.  You’ll see how you will be inspired with a new hope, a new perspective, a new freedom and an outlook on life – your life of TOTAL fulfillment!  Stay posted with PRINCESS-O`DILIA!  Love you all!


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