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“Purpose”, “Dream”, “Live-Life to the full” all describe the fundamental objective of our lives, yet remains a phenomenon to attain.  The journey from dreams to a life of TOTAL fulfillment (your wildest dreams, your true purpose) requires wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of an intangible journey and process.


 Author, Princess-O’dilia, an overcome victim of physical, emotional, and mental abuse endured for years, and an Entreprenuer for over a decade, now with transparency and years of personal experience of spiritual pregnancy, shares with conviction, compassion, wit and passion the reality of God’s equipping power within you, to help you discover and manifest your life of TOTAL fulfillment!


This intangible process as described in PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation.  Break free from the doubt and fear that plague so many, hindering them from ever attaining a life of TOTAL fulfillment!  In PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT you will discover:


           Clarity: Where are you in your journey?  How do you know if you’re going through a transition or turmoil? How do you know that you’re on the right track towards your destiny? What do you hold on to and what do you let go?

           Understanding:  A thoroughly defined insight of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey.  The good and bad symptoms and when they’re most likely to occur as it relates to each period of your journey.

           Confidence and Peace:  Discover the power within you that yields you a spiritual freedom and ability to conquer life without traditional processes of man or religion.  Through this spiritual freedom and awareness, become 100% confident of your direction and its outcome.

 This timely revelation continues to inspire, educate and equip men and women around the nation.


Thank you for such clarity. I am currently going through a season of severe irritability and frequent bouts of depression. I realized that this is greatly related to the fact that I am in a serious transitional stage and fearing the unknown. Thank you again. I truly received a great amount of revelation for my situation.

R.  Little

Chicago, IL


About the Author: Princess-O’dilia has inspired thousands on the road to a life of TOTAL fulfillment.  As an Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Consultant, Author of The Armor of God and Purpose Planner, Princess-O’dilia dives deep beneath the surface of fear and complacency, to unveil the hidden potential in us all. As a Prolific Writer and highly sought after Speaker, Teacher and Consultant, Princess O’dilia’s insights have transformed lives around the world.


Princess-Odilia is available for speaking, teaching, and interviews.  For more information, please contact Terrie Price at (888) 982-4377 or email your request to  Mail all correspondences to:  1000 S. Old Woodward, Ste. 105-2; Birmingham, MI  48009 or Fax:  (248) 247-1199.




Available Nationwide!

Click Now & Buy:

Pregnant in the Spirit

By: Princess-`Odilia

 Pages:    295

ISBN:      ISBN 0-9763312-1-7

Price:       $19.95

Release:  February 2009

 On-Line:  Amazon, Borders, STL Distribution, 2B~Real Publishing, Baker and Taylor… 





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