"Got Purpose?!"



PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the ONLY book in the WORLD that thoroughly defines the intangible journey to Destiny! For real life association this intangible journey to destiny is described as the process of spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation. Spiritual Pregnancy yields you clarity, understanding, assurance, peace, patience, and 100% confidence of your journey to destiny, a spiritual freedom and awareness and a profound expression of LOVE from the inside out! For the lack of knowledge and wisdom of spiritual pregnancy many people NEVER birth their life’s purpose!

ORDER PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT TODAY WORLD-WIDE! Direct from the Publisher and receive a special gift offer: Also available on,,, stl-distribution and other book stores and venues!

“PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the book you will read and then reference day to day. It teaches you of God’s power within you, how to eliminate the negativities, doubts and fears from your life, and how to receive knowledge and direction from God. I’m really excited about what PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT will do for people of all races, nationalities, and religions all over the world!”

Michael J. Powell,
Legendary and 4xGrammy Award Winning Producer

“I must say, I am very charged with your book, it’s an untapped dimension of success and fulfillment. Your mandate is for all nations….families, individuals, corporations, churches etc. No stopping for PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT!”

Solomon Izang Ashoms
Parable Magazine,
South Africa


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