"Got Purpose?!"

Powerful! "TIME"


Recently, while in consultation with a client, I was awakened to re-evaluate my "TIME". To think about "TIME", made me think about my life, my choices, my dreams and aspirations, my children, their life, my choices-again.

So, I say to you:

In Life, every moment in "TIME" is significant. So, how do you…value your "TIME"? See…from the beginning, "TIME" was on your side – designed to work for you, but how do you work "TIME"?

Take advantage and not for granted your "TIME". "TIME" comes and goes, so consider each moment precious and valuable and not to be underestimated. How you work "TIME", determines the fulfillment of your life – your purpose-your dreams. Have you ever taken a wrong turn in travel? Or, missed an exit on the road and had to drive 5 miles in the wrong direction to ultimately come back where you started? Hmmm….this is the example of the life of many. Unfortunately many never have the strength to return back to the starting point for how much "TIME" it took to just travel in the wrong direction.

Remember this: Life is a journey that we all must travel, so make sure that you are on the right road so that you don’t waste "TIME" and ultimately short yourself of your dreams-your goals and never having the opportunity to BIRTH your PURPOSE!

I pose the question: Are you Fit 4 the Journey to Purpose (the process of spiritual pregnancy)? Are you on the right road? Where are you on your journey and why? "TIME" is too valuable to waste, so the last thing you need to do is waste "TIME" traveling in the wrong direction for your life."

By Princess-O`dilia, (Inspired by Vickie James)
Purpose Birthing & Fitness Coach,
Author, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker,
Radio/TV Talk Show Host,
Writer, Poet, Singer, Song-writer,
CEO & Founder of Fit 4 the Journey to Purpose Enterprises, Inc.
"Are you Fit 4 the Journey to Purpose?"
(the process of spiritual pregnancy)



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