"Got Purpose?!"

Are you Fit 4 the JOURNEY to TRUE PURPOSE?

WELCOME!! The NEW Detroit Talk Show Host, Dr. Princess-O`dilia, Ph.D AKA as the Queen of Inspiration, is a Metaphysical Psychologist, Author, Radio and TV Talk Show Host and True Purpose Life Coach here to help you discover and help you step-by-step to fruition to Birth your life of TRUE PURPOSE – A life of TOTAL FULFILLMENT in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit! As the founder of the Movement to Global World Peace and True Purpose Attainment for BILLIONS adults and youth around the world, as well as the 10-yr Global TRANSFORMATION TOUR with the TRUE PURPOSE TEAM, she has one question for you…”Are you Fit 4 the Journey to True Purpose?” KNOWING is MORE than half the battle. Discover today! ~”The key to successfully fulfilling your life’s TRUE PURPOSE is the willingness to operate in SPIRIT and TRUTH in every area of your life.”  Contact Dr. Princess-O`dilia for Speaking Engagements, Appointments, etc., at 877-888-7979 and visit her on-line @

We invite you to visit Transforming Detroit TV Show on YouTube!


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