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PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the ONLY book in the WORLD that thoroughly defines the intangible journey to Destiny! For real life association this intangible journey to destiny is described as the process of spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation. Spiritual Pregnancy yields you clarity, understanding, assurance, peace, patience, and 100% confidence of your journey to destiny, a spiritual freedom and awareness and a profound expression of LOVE from the inside out! For the lack of knowledge and wisdom of spiritual pregnancy many people NEVER birth their life’s purpose!

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“PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the book you will read and then reference day to day. It teaches you of God’s power within you, how to eliminate the negativities, doubts and fears from your life, and how to receive knowledge and direction from God. I’m really excited about what PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT will do for people of all races, nationalities, and religions all over the world!”

Michael J. Powell,
Legendary and 4xGrammy Award Winning Producer

“I must say, I am very charged with your book, it’s an untapped dimension of success and fulfillment. Your mandate is for all nations….families, individuals, corporations, churches etc. No stopping for PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT!”

Solomon Izang Ashoms
Parable Magazine,
South Africa


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Motown’s Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Legendary Producer Michael J. Powell team up for the Inauguration! Exclusive Interview!



Detroit’s very own Legendary Queen of Soul, ARETHA FRANKLIN and the Legendary Producer, MICHAEL J. POWELL will represent Motown-the Motor City, Detroit in a great way on January 20, 2009, the Historical Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, President-Elect Barack Obama, the First African-American President in the history of our country!

After a long stretch of bad news coming from Detroit since the text scandal in 2008 involving the City’s Ex-Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, this is great news that will recall the true legend of the City. Motown, being the oracle of some of the greatest Artist of all time is honored to be a part of such a monumental and historical moment in time as this year’s Presidential Inauguration.

As we draw nearer to January 20, 2009, Aretha Franklin and Michael J. Powell, both multiple Grammy Award winners and legends of Motown are in the studio again to prepare another master piece that will forever ring in people’s ears around the world for generations. Per Michael J. Powell, “The name of the song is private for now”, but for the world, the talent of these two legends is no secret and we can only anticipate the music to be heard on that great day!

As many all over the world feel a strong sense of pride and emotion about this year’s Inauguration, Michael J. Powell shares with 2brealpub how honored he and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin felt regarding this production. “It was an honor to work on this project. Aretha and I both felt a strong since of pride and a need for another level of excellence to go into this production.” “This is a song that will be heard for the first time on January 20, 2009 (just prior to President-Elect Barack Obama’s entry on the stage) and will be played and sung for generations. We are both honored to be a part of this historical moment.”

As many come together in anticipation for this moment in history from all parts of the world, the City of Detroit will stand in strong representation on stage, front and center as the world exits a dream to enter into a reality that the late Dr. Martin Luther King and many other Civil Rights Movement Activist only dreamed. Their relentless fight for freedom, demand for desegregation, justice and equality for all will manifest on that great historical day rendering hope for all in spite of the Economic Crisis of our world.

Thanks President-Elect Barack Obama for taking literally the message of hope, equal opportunity, the reality of the impossible and the spiritual guidance that you must have followed that lead you into this profound moment. We pray your continued favor and a glorious tenure in office as we also pray for your divine protection and leadership over our great country. For in “Whom God We Trust” as our founding Presidents established this country, we pray that you continue that stand and with that you can do nothing but continue to lead this country into pre-destined VICTORY! Remember: regardless of what may at times appear to be failed, understand that if in “God You Trust”, everything is in divine order!

2brealpub Press Release


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I’m not sure if you’re ready, but here I come!

I am the inspired Author of the new book entitled Pregnant in the Spirit – How to birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment – your True Purpose (First Edition)!  The only book in the world that thoroughly defines the intangible journey that we all must travel to the life we are all seeking – a life of TOTAL Fulfillment.  Where you live your wildest dreams, your true purpose.   From Conception to Manifestation this process described as spiritual pregnancy is paralleled to natural pregnancy.  It gives thorough insite of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey – good and bad.  Whether  you are in turmoil or transition, gain understanding of where you are in this process and with confidence and peace, without the traditional processes of man or religion, birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment!

Pregnant in the Spirit is a must have for men and women all over the world!  Say this with me, “Knowing is definitely half the battle!”  Visit me on-line at and tune into my live radio talk show on

Your life has only just begun!  Just read and apply what I submit to you.  You’ll see how you will be inspired with a new hope, a new perspective, a new freedom and an outlook on life – your life of TOTAL fulfillment!  Stay posted with PRINCESS-O`DILIA!  Love you all!

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