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The SECRETS to realizing a continual flow of ABUNDANCE in your life!

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ABUNDANCE…ABUNDANCE doesn’t come cheap!

Yes…if you want to experience the continued flow of Abundance in your life, you must GIVE and RELEASE so that it can come back to you freely.  So you give…so you receive – period.  That’s the game – that’s the process – law of attraction.  By realizing this TRUTH, you’ll never go lacking in anyway.

I must also express to you that, do not misconstrue a transitional period in your life as a period of lack.  The bottom-line is that you, as you were so geniously created, Spirit – having a human experience is ABUNDANCE alone.  Therefore, you are in the space and time of REALIZING what you truly are, and embracing the experience of returning to that realization.  Therefore, it’s key for you to realize that your thoughts, visions, and words must align.

I invite you to check out this Blog so that you can have a few powerful affirmations to state everyday.


#1)  “The spoken word of PROSPERITY increases my results by 80%.”

#2)   “Money come to me now! Thank You Divine Presence that My spoken word of prosperity continually increases my results of financial prosperity by 80%! It is So for me NOW!”

 #3)  “I realize and am wise to ALL opportunities that are for me to accept; therefore, I do NOT miss the OPPORTUNITIES that are for me, and so it is NOW!  Whatever OPPORTUNITY that I may have allowed to pass me by, I declare that I will receive 110% fold of a blessing in return. Thank you for the OPPORTUNITY of discovery.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

#4)   “I AM MONEY!   Therefore, I create MONEY in rich appropriate forms from multiple resources in my life daily! Every financial hindrance in my life is denounced from the root and no ADVERSITY has POWER over me, for I AM MONEY! I inhale financial PROSPERITY ABUNDANTLY NOW and I EXHALE AND DENOUNCE any LACK, for I AM A (insert the wealth u desire to experience here) totally fulfilled in MIND, BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT! And SO IT IS NOW (AMEN)!”

#5)  “I Persist regardless of appearances or conditions. The spoken word in my life is so powerful that it changes
conditions to conform to the words I’ve spoken.  And so it is for me NOW!”


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