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The SECRETS to realizing a continual flow of ABUNDANCE in your life!

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ABUNDANCE…ABUNDANCE doesn’t come cheap!

Yes…if you want to experience the continued flow of Abundance in your life, you must GIVE and RELEASE so that it can come back to you freely.  So you give…so you receive – period.  That’s the game – that’s the process – law of attraction.  By realizing this TRUTH, you’ll never go lacking in anyway.

I must also express to you that, do not misconstrue a transitional period in your life as a period of lack.  The bottom-line is that you, as you were so geniously created, Spirit – having a human experience is ABUNDANCE alone.  Therefore, you are in the space and time of REALIZING what you truly are, and embracing the experience of returning to that realization.  Therefore, it’s key for you to realize that your thoughts, visions, and words must align.

I invite you to check out this Blog so that you can have a few powerful affirmations to state everyday.


#1)  “The spoken word of PROSPERITY increases my results by 80%.”

#2)   “Money come to me now! Thank You Divine Presence that My spoken word of prosperity continually increases my results of financial prosperity by 80%! It is So for me NOW!”

 #3)  “I realize and am wise to ALL opportunities that are for me to accept; therefore, I do NOT miss the OPPORTUNITIES that are for me, and so it is NOW!  Whatever OPPORTUNITY that I may have allowed to pass me by, I declare that I will receive 110% fold of a blessing in return. Thank you for the OPPORTUNITY of discovery.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

#4)   “I AM MONEY!   Therefore, I create MONEY in rich appropriate forms from multiple resources in my life daily! Every financial hindrance in my life is denounced from the root and no ADVERSITY has POWER over me, for I AM MONEY! I inhale financial PROSPERITY ABUNDANTLY NOW and I EXHALE AND DENOUNCE any LACK, for I AM A (insert the wealth u desire to experience here) totally fulfilled in MIND, BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT! And SO IT IS NOW (AMEN)!”

#5)  “I Persist regardless of appearances or conditions. The spoken word in my life is so powerful that it changes
conditions to conform to the words I’ve spoken.  And so it is for me NOW!”


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TRANSFORMATION EVENT founders, Janet & Bill Moore, has the WORLD talking!! Hear their STORY of TRIUMPH to TRANSFORMATION!

Triumph to TRANSFORMATION w/ the Founders of the Festival of Enlightenment Janet Bill Moore 3/24/2011 – Dr PrincessOdilia | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

As seen on the “Secret Millionnaire”, cash is not the only thing being given to contribute to the world’s shift in CONSCIOUSNESS. Janet and Bill Moore, founders of the TRANSFORMATIONAL EVENT, “The Festival of Enlightenment” have willingly laid down their lives to ignite a Global Shift in Consciousness and TRANSFORMATION. It’s said that the speakers for this event are the “Leaders in the Movement to Global Consciousness”. Janet and Bill Moore at the door of sacrifice met each other not 2 years ago today, and through their life’s transitions and experience of difficulties discovered a greater truth and awakening that brought them to their life’s TRUE PURPOSE, to ignite GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Listen…Your mess-up and or tragedy is just an opportunity to help someone else – even as much as the world! Don’t Miss this Show! Register for the “Festival of Enlightenment” – Colorado TODAY:

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Visit the home of the Global World Peace True Purpose Movement and 10 yr Global Transformation Tour w/ the True Purpose Team @

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Dr. Cheryl Bryant-Bruce, M.D., and her life’s JOURNEY of Passion-Pain-and Pleasure to TRUE PURPOSE on the TRUE PURPOSE Development Show w/ Talk Show Host Dr. Princess-O`dilia

She’s been on the daytime hit TV Show, “The DOCTORS”; called for professional interpretation in the case of Michael Jackson, Awarded as one of the Top 100 Concierge Doctors in the U.S…., and 2day she says, “I’m just like everyone else. I’ve been on welfare, I’ve been homeless, and even jail. And I’m still on the journey”. Don’t miss The Celebrety Doc, Dr. Cheryl Bryant-Bruce.


Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D., Founder of the Elite Personal Physician Services, is the expert in concierge holistic wellness management. Dr. BryantBruce has been seen on Access Hollywood, CNN, CBS, the television hit series, “The Doctors”, as well as on the Time Magazines 100 Most influential people in the World Alternate 100 list, USA Today, and NPR. Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce has dedicated her life to TRANSFORMING lives around the world, as she travels tireless helping people as a founding Concierge’s Doctor. She has a tremendous life transforming story of triumph and dedication as she is fulfilling her life’s TRUE PURPOSE of helping people transform in mind, body, and spirit against all odds! Don’t miss this show…it will TRANSFORM your life, perspective, and give you hope!Don’t miss this show! Contact The Celebrity Doc @

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****Are you sure of your life’s TRUE PURPOSE? Do you know what’s next in your journey? Get your book PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT – How to Birth your life’s TRUE PURPOSE~ TODAY @ Barnes and Nobles, Borders, as well @ direct from the publisher. ***Are you Fit 4 the Journey to TRUE PURPOSE? Discover where you are on our journey – and join the TRUE PURPOSE SOCIAL NETWORK:

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PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the ONLY book in the WORLD that thoroughly defines the intangible journey to Destiny! For real life association this intangible journey to destiny is described as the process of spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation. Spiritual Pregnancy yields you clarity, understanding, assurance, peace, patience, and 100% confidence of your journey to destiny, a spiritual freedom and awareness and a profound expression of LOVE from the inside out! For the lack of knowledge and wisdom of spiritual pregnancy many people NEVER birth their life’s purpose!

ORDER PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT TODAY WORLD-WIDE! Direct from the Publisher and receive a special gift offer: Also available on,,, stl-distribution and other book stores and venues!

“PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the book you will read and then reference day to day. It teaches you of God’s power within you, how to eliminate the negativities, doubts and fears from your life, and how to receive knowledge and direction from God. I’m really excited about what PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT will do for people of all races, nationalities, and religions all over the world!”

Michael J. Powell,
Legendary and 4xGrammy Award Winning Producer

“I must say, I am very charged with your book, it’s an untapped dimension of success and fulfillment. Your mandate is for all nations….families, individuals, corporations, churches etc. No stopping for PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT!”

Solomon Izang Ashoms
Parable Magazine,
South Africa

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Motown’s Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Legendary Producer Michael J. Powell team up for the Inauguration! Exclusive Interview!



Detroit’s very own Legendary Queen of Soul, ARETHA FRANKLIN and the Legendary Producer, MICHAEL J. POWELL will represent Motown-the Motor City, Detroit in a great way on January 20, 2009, the Historical Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, President-Elect Barack Obama, the First African-American President in the history of our country!

After a long stretch of bad news coming from Detroit since the text scandal in 2008 involving the City’s Ex-Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, this is great news that will recall the true legend of the City. Motown, being the oracle of some of the greatest Artist of all time is honored to be a part of such a monumental and historical moment in time as this year’s Presidential Inauguration.

As we draw nearer to January 20, 2009, Aretha Franklin and Michael J. Powell, both multiple Grammy Award winners and legends of Motown are in the studio again to prepare another master piece that will forever ring in people’s ears around the world for generations. Per Michael J. Powell, “The name of the song is private for now”, but for the world, the talent of these two legends is no secret and we can only anticipate the music to be heard on that great day!

As many all over the world feel a strong sense of pride and emotion about this year’s Inauguration, Michael J. Powell shares with 2brealpub how honored he and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin felt regarding this production. “It was an honor to work on this project. Aretha and I both felt a strong since of pride and a need for another level of excellence to go into this production.” “This is a song that will be heard for the first time on January 20, 2009 (just prior to President-Elect Barack Obama’s entry on the stage) and will be played and sung for generations. We are both honored to be a part of this historical moment.”

As many come together in anticipation for this moment in history from all parts of the world, the City of Detroit will stand in strong representation on stage, front and center as the world exits a dream to enter into a reality that the late Dr. Martin Luther King and many other Civil Rights Movement Activist only dreamed. Their relentless fight for freedom, demand for desegregation, justice and equality for all will manifest on that great historical day rendering hope for all in spite of the Economic Crisis of our world.

Thanks President-Elect Barack Obama for taking literally the message of hope, equal opportunity, the reality of the impossible and the spiritual guidance that you must have followed that lead you into this profound moment. We pray your continued favor and a glorious tenure in office as we also pray for your divine protection and leadership over our great country. For in “Whom God We Trust” as our founding Presidents established this country, we pray that you continue that stand and with that you can do nothing but continue to lead this country into pre-destined VICTORY! Remember: regardless of what may at times appear to be failed, understand that if in “God You Trust”, everything is in divine order!

2brealpub Press Release


©2009 by 2B~Real Publishing, LLC

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Immediate Press Release!



“Purpose”, “Dream”, “Live-Life to the full” all describe the fundamental objective of our lives, yet remains a phenomenon to attain.  The journey from dreams to a life of TOTAL fulfillment (your wildest dreams, your true purpose) requires wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of an intangible journey and process.


 Author, Princess-O’dilia, an overcome victim of physical, emotional, and mental abuse endured for years, and an Entreprenuer for over a decade, now with transparency and years of personal experience of spiritual pregnancy, shares with conviction, compassion, wit and passion the reality of God’s equipping power within you, to help you discover and manifest your life of TOTAL fulfillment!


This intangible process as described in PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation.  Break free from the doubt and fear that plague so many, hindering them from ever attaining a life of TOTAL fulfillment!  In PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT you will discover:


           Clarity: Where are you in your journey?  How do you know if you’re going through a transition or turmoil? How do you know that you’re on the right track towards your destiny? What do you hold on to and what do you let go?

           Understanding:  A thoroughly defined insight of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey.  The good and bad symptoms and when they’re most likely to occur as it relates to each period of your journey.

           Confidence and Peace:  Discover the power within you that yields you a spiritual freedom and ability to conquer life without traditional processes of man or religion.  Through this spiritual freedom and awareness, become 100% confident of your direction and its outcome.

 This timely revelation continues to inspire, educate and equip men and women around the nation.


Thank you for such clarity. I am currently going through a season of severe irritability and frequent bouts of depression. I realized that this is greatly related to the fact that I am in a serious transitional stage and fearing the unknown. Thank you again. I truly received a great amount of revelation for my situation.

R.  Little

Chicago, IL


About the Author: Princess-O’dilia has inspired thousands on the road to a life of TOTAL fulfillment.  As an Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Consultant, Author of The Armor of God and Purpose Planner, Princess-O’dilia dives deep beneath the surface of fear and complacency, to unveil the hidden potential in us all. As a Prolific Writer and highly sought after Speaker, Teacher and Consultant, Princess O’dilia’s insights have transformed lives around the world.


Princess-Odilia is available for speaking, teaching, and interviews.  For more information, please contact Terrie Price at (888) 982-4377 or email your request to  Mail all correspondences to:  1000 S. Old Woodward, Ste. 105-2; Birmingham, MI  48009 or Fax:  (248) 247-1199.




Available Nationwide!

Click Now & Buy:

Pregnant in the Spirit

By: Princess-`Odilia

 Pages:    295

ISBN:      ISBN 0-9763312-1-7

Price:       $19.95

Release:  February 2009

 On-Line:  Amazon, Borders, STL Distribution, 2B~Real Publishing, Baker and Taylor… 




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Check out my Slide Show!

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Are you showing signs of Depression?

 I know….Sometimes it just seems like you could break at any moment. You’ve tried the Psychiatrist, avoided the Psychiatrist, talked to your Pastor, your group leader, or, maybe you don’t think anyone could understand. Maybe, you’re just choosing to deal with it your self because you feel that it’s the devil just attacking you and you refuse to be, “DEFEATED”! Whatever or However you look at this situation, you are feeling depressed and it won’t go away.

Do you know what’s interesting? Jesus was depressed as he crossed that border to his destiny. I’ll quote from my latest book, Pregnant in the Spirit, “One of the most challenging periods in the pregnancy of Jesus, just as yours will be, is the period of delivery. It gets tougher the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy. Praise God! Through the experience of Jesus, you can feel confident that you’re not alone, even when you are faced with feelings of depression and fear as you near the end of your delivery period, just to name a few front-line attacks from the enemy (Matthew 26:37-39).” Jesus experienced that as well, just for you!

Another period you experience this feeling of depression is in the 1st Period when God is pruning you. Guess what else? Some things are just a part of the process and if you knew that before now, you would have probably not felt so bad up to now. Can you say, “Knowing is definitely half the battle?”

A woman for example, when going through her pregnancy, regardless of how sick she may get, she doesn’t lose her cool because she knows that a lot of what she experiences is just “a part of the process”. God has given us now a spiritual tool to reference for the processes of Transition and Turmoil in your life. It’s important to know the derivative of your circumstance so that you can keep your sanity.

The majority of you are depressed because you simply, JUST DON’T KNOW what is next. You simply can’t take ONE MORE THING to happen in your life. YOU can’t take one more lost love, job, house, car…. What is going on, for real….What is going on? 9 times out of 10, your turmoil is transition and you just need to have a better understanding of the process. Hey, it’s not all peaches and cream climbing to the top! You WILL without a doubt, LOSE something that your flesh didn’t want to lose, or experience something that your flesh didn’t want to experience, but it’s all good! You’re just Pregnant in the Spirit! 

It’s definitely an intangible process that is pretty scary to say the least. Only God knows what is next. Only God knows if you should ride the tide or fight the tide.

Typically, people are depressed as a result of loss, the unknown, life’s circumstances or obstacles. Maybe if what you’re experiencing is normal for where you are in Spiritual Pregnancy. This knowing may be the solution to your feeling of depression. It would give you some hope, something to look forward to. It would get your mind off of the circumstances and have you focus on the light that’s at the end of the tunnel for you. Maybe the “devil” that you’re binding is not the opposition, but its God working behind the scenes, tearing down the obstacles that would hurt your elevation. The problem is, you don’t see it as a hindrance, but God does, because God knows all. Just like us parents that keep our little ones from the danger they are too young to see, so does God for us.

It’s ok. But you need to gain understanding of the process. So, I encourage you to get the book, “Pregnant in the Spirit” Today. Order your copy. “Pregnant in the Spirit” defines the road to TOTAL fulfillment from Conception to Manifestation, giving answers to this intangible process. It’s paralleled to natural pregnancy in a very profound and practical way. With this wisdom, you will become 100% confident of your direction and its outcome. You will come out of depression and attain the seemingly impossible for your life: eternal freedom, peace, joy, happiness, love, a deeper-more personal relationship with God, direction and understanding, spiritual freedom, and TOTAL fulfillment minus the traditional processes of man and religion.

For the lack of wisdom and knowledge of this intangible process, people generally experience a spiritual abortion (killing, avoiding, or never pursuing their True Purpose-a life of TOTAL fulfillment). Or, many experience a spiritual premature birth which ultimately results in discouragement – doubt and unbelief in what they so passionately once strongly believed.

Don’t let this be you! You can come out of this phase and get to where you were destined to be in life!

I would love to hear from you: so that with the wisdom and knowledge that God has given me, I can help you through this. I could personally and confidentially help you understand where you are in this process of spiritual pregnancy. Visit me on-line at or email me directly at

I love you all and I look forward to being of help to whoever needs it. It’s ok, I’ve been there and I’ve definitely done that. So, nothing comes to my surprise and you can talk to me about anything. Talk with you soon.

Pregnant in the Spirit is on back-order and available Nationwide on-line for order at,,, Barnes and Nobles, Baker and Taylors, STL Distribution, New Life Distribution, etc.

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I’m not sure if you’re ready, but here I come!

I am the inspired Author of the new book entitled Pregnant in the Spirit – How to birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment – your True Purpose (First Edition)!  The only book in the world that thoroughly defines the intangible journey that we all must travel to the life we are all seeking – a life of TOTAL Fulfillment.  Where you live your wildest dreams, your true purpose.   From Conception to Manifestation this process described as spiritual pregnancy is paralleled to natural pregnancy.  It gives thorough insite of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey – good and bad.  Whether  you are in turmoil or transition, gain understanding of where you are in this process and with confidence and peace, without the traditional processes of man or religion, birth a life of TOTAL fulfillment!

Pregnant in the Spirit is a must have for men and women all over the world!  Say this with me, “Knowing is definitely half the battle!”  Visit me on-line at and tune into my live radio talk show on

Your life has only just begun!  Just read and apply what I submit to you.  You’ll see how you will be inspired with a new hope, a new perspective, a new freedom and an outlook on life – your life of TOTAL fulfillment!  Stay posted with PRINCESS-O`DILIA!  Love you all!

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